Senior teams for Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2018


1st XI home vs Steyning 1230 2nd XI away @ Rustington 1300 3rd XI away @ Ram 1300
1 T Jarvis   1 C Reeves   1 A Cantrell  
2 I Haggart   2 C Wyatt   2 A Reeves Jr  
3 J Elliott-Monday   3 M Wood   3 S Tatchell*  
4 T van Noort   4 M Goring*+   4 B Jackson  
5 R Harrison   5 O Holden   5 L Tolson  
6 R Taylor   6 J Reeves   6 T Davies-Crisp  
7 C Davies   7 J Chaloner   7 B Capel  
8 B Lucking   8 N North   8 H Thornton  
9 M Rawat   9 P Martin   9 R Atkins  
10 J Hodgson   10 H Warmisham   10 O Atkins  
11 T Witham   11 M Fitzgerald   11 A Trees  

Sunday XI vs. Fleet Street Strollers

It's a 1.30 pm start, so please be there by 1.00pm to help set up (everyone). Everyone will also need to help clear away after the match.

Team (no batting order implied):

Callum W
Iain H
Hugo G
Ben L
Simon Healy
Alfie B
Bruce F
Simon Crisp
Thomas D-C
Jack S
Dan A
Phil A

We have gone with 12 and will rotate everyone during fielding.

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