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pavilion and game 2014

2010 Review (Part 2)

Milestones achieved this year

Callum Wyatt 2009

300 games for the merged club - Rob Llewellyn
150 games - James Chaloner, Malcolm Fitzgerald and Jim Gee
100 games - Will Chambers, Callum Wyatt, Ben Miller, Toby Glover and Steve Ward
50 games - Gabriel Peck, Mick Armstrong, Jamie Curtis, Jonathan Denton, Aran Kay, Wes Scott, Josh Reeves, Alan Reeves, Peter Jones, Sean Goring, Eddie Miller and Ben Ackland
12,000 runs - Rob Llewellyn
2,000 runs - Mick Armstrong, Malcolm Fitzgerald and David Hardisty
1,000 runs - Will Chambers, Matt Goring, Ben Hasler, Callum Wyatt, Jonathan Denton and Toby Glover

New Players in 2010

 Grant Morrish

Special thanks to Mick and Ryan for being chief recruiters!  Let's hope we see many of these playing for us again in 2011

Sam Foster
Grant Morrish
Liam Richman
James Howgate
Conrad Mumby
Tom Maslona
Sean Goring 
(didn't play in 2009)

Megan Goring (didn't play in 2009)
Brandon Smith
Owain Jones
Joe Charnaud
Rob Rydon
Brad Vanstone
Paul Richman
Zac Anderson
Alex Armstrong
Will Rydon
Alex Rydon
Alex Holbrook
Matt Gue
Ollie Knott 
(first games since 2003)

Jack Hall
Phil Goring 
(first game since 2004)

Mark Nader
Kevin Gue
Greg Upton
Paddy Paton
Max Cisotti
Ben Gardner
Francis Gush
Francoise Westcombe 
(first lady to play in an adult side)

Rory O'Connor
Greg Orme
Dan Tweed
Tom Nairn

Those We Have Loved (Played last year but not this)

Mike Ford
Mike "Harrsion" Ford - moving house but tells us he'll be back
Cian Brittle - moved to Bedfordshire.  Bowling spin again for Bedford school and new club Ickwell
Ollie Gatland. U13 last year in his only season for us
Luke Jennings
Peter Hasler - got married and tells us he'll be back for his usual one or two games in 2011

George Lawson.  U11 last year who disappeared.
Georgia Adams - played some SJCF games for us in 2009
Paul Ackland - now plays for Graffham & Smithbrook
Neil Moulton - moved to Guldford area
John Franks - played one game last year for the Sunday side against Ebernoe
Freddie Vale -  U12 in 2009 but disappeared.
Greg Martin - Three games in 2009 but a pilot and unable to play this year
Callum Lyle - U13 in 2009 who didn't return this year
Dan Bullock - U16 last year who has given up the game
Sam Firminger - U15 last year who decided not to return this year
Mark Tolson - The one Tolson who didn't return in 2010.  An U13 in 2009
Harry Bullock - U14 in 2009.  Another Bullock who has given up the game
Tim Beal - One Sunday game at Wisborough Green and never seen again
George Matthews. Under 11 last year but didn't return
Andy Terry - one game and he was gone
Michael & Thomas Bilbe - one 1st XI game last year and they were gone
George Evans - U13 last year who didn't return
Joe Riley - U11 last year who didn't return
Carl Mustchin - didn't return in 2010
Steve Williams - didn't come back this year
Kieran Felton - one Sunday game at Hurst last year was enough for this chap
Rob Emms - still contributing to colts but four Sunday games last year for no runs told Emmso he was better sunning himself in Dubai!

If you know where some of these guys are, please let us know.