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Aussie Day

 Aussie match (end of) 2009

Dave is seen off in fine style...

A brilliant day of cricket was had by all down the Rec. on Bank Holiday Monday between Aussie Dave’s XI and Aussie Mick’s XI.  With DJ Scott Pulling ripping up the tunes on the sidelines, a bumper crowd and a beautiful ground bathed in English sunshine the day was destined to me memorable.

There was a large contingent of Aussie’s in attendance.  Chambers, Robinsons, as well as the odd Welshman and South African we saw a real case of the “One Club” atmosphere Chilt is fast becoming.

With Dave going back to Australia in less than a week’s time it was always going to be an emotional match, would the cricket God’s smile down on the big man...?

Chamber’s Senior got the day rolling under the keen eye of Umpire Robinson with a friendly game of two up between the skippers, Mick prevailing in the toss and asking his lot to bat first.

After the team shots (no thanks to Panda Eyes who kept us waiting) with Trig the game was on, Shrek Reeves taking the first ball to Genteman Steve who got the ball rolling with the first run of the game.  Stinky Tavares started solidly, but when his partner (GS) was caught sharply by Poor Tobes Dave’s XI were on top.  They were more on top when Chine Goring was clean bowled by Shrek in his second over...  Ollie batted sensibly and showed some real talent hitting a couple of boundaries with Ben or Alex or was it Ben Miller before Ben or Alex or was it Ben fell to Fingers Glover...  Mick’s XI were beginning to fall apart and were well and truly behind the 8 ball, bring on Earthwork Jim who struck the first six of the day as he looked to resurrect the innings of the Green team.  When Stinky fell Dundee sensed some trouble, however Gumby chipped in and along with Deano looked to lift the run rate.  After the latter fell at the hands of Fingers, Happy joined the crease but struggled before becoming the first duck of the match.

With the Green team in a lot of trouble Angry Chambers was promoted and along with son worked the ball around easily, whilst finding the boundary with regularity too.  Dundee promoted himself too, and started slowly, almost succumbing to Poor Tobes who bowled beautifully barring one ball that was reluctantly placed in the carpark.  Things were looking up for the Green team and the boundary became less of an issue, unless you were Warnie or Big Bird Hasler who came and went at the hands of Little Bird who had some boasting back home later in the evening.  When Panda Eyes came in and along with Dundee, and the Chambers lads the Green team were able to post a competitive total of 167/8 of the full quota of overs...

Half time entertainment was enjoyed by all, with the ladies showing the boys how it is done.  Happy was given some motivation to bowl well after Nanny Jean destroyed the pegs...

In reply, it was the Reevesers who opened the innings, and they got off to a great start, seeing off both Stinky Tavares and the inform Gentleman Steve at a sound run rate.  Shrek hit his 25 in no time and retired, Big Bird dropped the two easiest catches ever seen, to the amusement of the crow, his captain, his team and even himself.  Chas was joined at the crease by young Poor Tobes, who looked the goods before succumbing to the specialist fielder Big Bird’s pace.  It got much worse for the Fingers family when big Fingers smashed a pull shot to the Big Bird who actually caught the ball.  That was it for Fingers who flung his bat across the outfield before announcing his retirement from cricket.  Little Bird came in and struggled to score with the freedom we have seen all year and this meant the required run rate was becoming an issue, when the Little Bird fell to an enthusiastic Panda Eyes there was a spot of bother for the reds.  Kolpak joined Chas and smashed the big Angry Australian over the long on rope.  After the sledging from Chambers the big Seth Efrican was out next ball...  The run rate required was getting large by this time and Shaky and Big Dog didn’t help the cause, however they were given a sniff when the big Welshman came to the crease and set about dismantling the greens bowling attack.  When Bob and Chas retired it left the onus on the tail, and it was a big ask, Gower struggled, Alex or Ben or Alex Miller came and went and the last hope was the big Sleepy skipper.  With near on 20 an over required the champ was overwhelmed, and in his final dig scored a Bradmanesque duck to see out the season.  Some 30 was required from the final over, and Dundee delivered probably the worst over ever bowled at Chilt, Shrek Reeves heaving himself to a 50 as the reds missed out by a miserly 5 runs...

So Dundee took the honours on the field, but result a side, which really didn’t matter, cricket was the winner, and they day was a great way to see off big Sleepy before his trip back down under.  With dinner served, everlasting friendships made, the season ended for Dave – he may of lost Aussie T20, but he went home with the hearts of the West Chiltington woman!!

And Jim pulled, and Mark scored!! 

Many thanks to Mark for his scoring efforts, to Jim for preparing the ground, not just on Monday but all year, for pulling the beers, to Mrs. G for all her tiresome efforts in ensuring the day ran smoothly, to Sussex CCC for the 4/6 signs, to the pink ladies, your support was much appreciated, to everyone for playing, taking photos, cheering, to Matt Parsons for umpiring, also to Raymond who only learnt the rules of cricket a day previous, of course to DJ S Pulling – you made the day mate, and lastly to Dave, although it didn’t quite go to script I hope you had a great day, have a safe trip home, keep in touch and we will all see you again in 6 or 7 months time for another crack at the Poms!!




Charlie `Josh` Reeves+            retired                     Not Out                   25

Alan `Shrek` Reeves                                               Not Out                   51

Toby `Poor Tobes` Glover                                        b. W Hasler             3

Martin `Fingers` Glover          ct W Hasler             b. C Wyatt               0

Ben `Little Bird` Hasler          ct C Wyatt               b. N Miller               11

Shaun `Kolpak` Tavares          ct M Armstrong      b. B Chambers        6

Jake `Shaky` Hodgson             ct M Goring            b. M Armstrong      9

David Bowen-Davies               ct M Armstrong        b. N Miller               0

Rob `Strongbow` Llewellyn    retired                     Not Out                   24

Tom `Gower` Chambers                                         Not Out                   1

Alex Miller                              ct W Chambers         b. R Ashley              4

Dave `Sleepy` Robinson*          ct M Goring            b. R Ashley              0

                                                                                Extras                      28

                                                                                TOTAL                     162-8

Bowling Card

Ollie Tavares           2-0-15-0

Stephen Hodgson   2-0-17-0

Callum Wyatt          2-0-17-1

Will Hasler              2-0-16-1

Ben Miller               2-0-8-0

Jack Hasler              2-0-6-0

Brian Chambers      2-0-14-1

Neil Miller               2-0-16-2

Ryan Ashley            2-0-20-2

Mick Armstrong      2-0-29-1 



Stephen `Gentleman` Hodgson   ct T Glover         b. A Reeves             1

Ollie `Stinky` Tavares             ct C Reeves             b. J Hodgson           11

Matt `China` Goring+             ct C Reeves            b. A Reeves             1

Ben Miller                                ct C Reeves             b. M Glover             6

Ryan Ashley                                                             b. M Glover             14

Will `Gumby` Chambers                                         Not Out                   36

Callum Wyatt                                                          b. T Chambers         0

Brian `English` Chambers                                       Not Out                   26

Mick `Dundee` Armstrong*     retired                     Not Out                   29

Will `Big Bird` Hasler              ct B Hasler             b. B Hasler              0

Jack `Warnie` Hasler                                             b. B Hasler              0

Neil `Panda-Eyes` Miller         retired                     Not Out                   25

                                                                                Extras                      18

                                                                                TOTAL                     167-8      

Bowling Card

Alan Reeves            2-1-2-2

Dave Bowen-Dav    2-0-11-0

Jake Hodgson          2-0-12-1

Alex Miller              2-0-9-0

Martin Glover         2-0-28-2

Tom Chambers       2-0-10-1

Rob Llewellyn         2-0-12-0

Dave Robinson        2-0-23-0

Ben Hasler              2-0-12-2

Toby Glover             2-0-22-0

Shaun Tavares        1-0-18-0