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pavilion and game 2014

ABBA Night

ABBA Chique

Undoubtedly our most successful event ever. Even torential rain could not dampen spirits inside the hall and outside where several U13s / 12 skidded and slid around the outfield doing dive bombs! After an initial picnic for several people inside two marquees, we advanced into the Village Hall to join the party which was packed to the rafters with local dignataries and players past and present mixing with colts and their parents. The President entertained the Crowthers and the Morrishs looked on as loads of children danced themselves dizzy to ABBA tunes and other numbers which played at the interval. Sons and daughters were joined in the second half by less able dancers (many cricketers) but who cared, the dancefloor was packed and the music was fantastic throughout.

At half time, Jason "Lofty" Davies and his loftier assistant Hasler performed a number of lucky draws. We picked the 100 Club lucky number and again, no one won. If you think that's poor, go buy some more numbers!! Just £2 a month will secure you one box. Raffle prizes were handed out as both the MC and guests struggled ith the colours of the tickets. 2nd XI superstar Mike Ford won best dressed male as a member of the Mamas and Papas, Mrs Judy "French" Fryer who was barmaid for the evening took the lady's prize and a lovely well dressed lady took the kids' prize. We'd like to thank all people who donated raffle prizes and Comyn & James who sponsored the whole evening. Finally Chairman Neil Miller thanked Mr and Mrs Lofty for an outstanding effort organising the whole thing (especially given the ridiculous weather) and presented them with gifts.

Very quickly it was 11pm and ABBA disappeared back to Chatham which is in Sweden to leave several hardcore members to clear up the hall and reflect on a fantastic evening. Hopefully in twelve months time, the weather will be kinder and we will have another great evening. This club has come such a long way in a short space of time both on and off the pitch.

Jason Davies & Will HaslerLofty and the other bloke conduct the raffle