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2016 Review - Hello and Goodbye

Nikhil desertSanchit
Our two Indians - as different as chalk and chicken thika

In the last section of the 2016 season review, we look at our new players and those who have left us

New Players (52) (includes U11s playing standard rules for the first time. Some girls may have been missed off scorecards last year): Sanchit Batra, Nikhil Grover, Ed Killner, Charlie Tear (from Madehurst), Max Woodcock, Dylan Trevelyan-Clark, Buddy Capel (Transferred from Newdigate), Will Millard, Guy Humphries, Sean Latter, Jacob Aichroth, Andrew Cuthbert, Dan Laws, Arthur Pinkney (first games since 2013), Brandon Lord, John Room, Jack Bethell, Matthew Bates, Finlay Summers, Lydon Gandler, Oscar Anderson, Rose Grayson (Transferred from Steyning), George Pountney, Tom Matthews, Tom Copus, Zoe Johnston, Connor Lord, Oliver Regan-Suckling, Sienna Jay, George Roelich-Scott, Simon Capel (Plays for Newdigate and WCTCC 3rds), Megan Cranford, Sophie Grayson (Transferred from Steyning), Jenna Jackson, Tom Jillians, Isabelle Storey, Tim van Noort (Transferred from Bognor), Jonathan van Noort, Alex Badcock, Mina Lane, Alex Murtagh, Woden Hackett, Graham Humphries (ex Storrington), Megan Goring (First game since 2011), Benji Jackson, Frank Brand, Mhairi-Ann (Mars) Hill, Will Terry, Inigo Portman, Harry Waller, Hugh Graham-Watson and Edward Jones (Didn't play in 2015)

Jack Carter Club Day 2012Jonanthan Denton & pig 2010
Two that left us this year. Jack Carter (left to Wis. Green) & JD (right) to Bolney

Those We Have Loved (50 - Some of the girls may have played but do not show in stats!): Jack Carter (Transferred to Wisborough Green), David Bundock, Freddie Collins (Transferred to Portslade), Laurens Ellul, Zac Oratis, David Hardisty, Alex Rydon, Charles Brampton, Harry Staples, Toby Lee, Matt McKew, Liam Vickery, Charlie Treasure, Ted Thomas (Transferred to Poynings), Mike Morrish (Retired again!), Toby Hurry, Tom Wilkinson, Jon Denton (Transferred to Bolney after one game), Matt Burroughs, Charley Hepburn, George Lee, Sam Davis, Henry Byrne, George Laing, Tashafi Shams, Clive Morrish, Abby Dorgan, Chris Braun, Josh Lee, Dougie Glynne-Jones, Tom Keany, James Bailey, Oona Edwards, Callum Ronnie, Penny Atkins, Charlie Carter, Jack Glover, Martin Glover, Adeline Pearson, Adeline Goss, Scott Pulling, Wayne Collins, Ollie Budgen, George Carter, Harriet Loveridge, Max Blackburn, Matt Warren, Chloe Clark-Walker, Chris Kelly and Steve Ward.

A word on some that have left. In the past, people tended to give up the game due to a change of circumstances or old age. Some of the above fit that category but we are now also at last being faced with people who leave for other reasons. We will always try and retain the village feel especially in our Sunday side but we must accept that some will not move with us as we continue to evolve as a club. Jack Carter made a succession of low scores last year after being relatively prolific up until then. He's a great guy who wanted to redicover his mojo and play with his mates at Wisborough Green. Whilst it didn't go to plan for his new club, he still made a couple of decent scores against Littlehampton and Ram for their 1sts. We still look forward to playing him and the Amberley guys on Sundays next year and beyond. Johnny "JD" / "Horatio" Denton still lives in West Chilt but chose to leave us for pastures new at Bolney where again he has mates that play. Johnny is a real character and his humour is missed. Matt McKew is now up in London but we will never forget his dedication to his mate's Liam's 3rd XI. We missed Mike Morrish whose body has told him again to retire and younger son Clive who is another 3rd XI favourite. Good to see them down the club this year supporting their man muscle Grant. West Chilt footballer Dave Bundock notified us at the end of 2015 that he wouldn't play for us in 2016 due to marriage to the only Indian not to like cricket! His life is changing as are the Pullings but we'd welcome all of those who have left us back for a beer or a cup of tea next summer if they're passing.