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pavilion and game 2014


Thakeham CC
Thakeham CC pre-merger in a game against West Chilt at the Rec. in 2000
Rocky Hitchcock, Nick Brown, Will Hasler, Phil Goring (Chairman), Andy Edgecombe, Pete Cantrell
Peter Bullock (capt/wkt), Peter Jones & Brian Chambers (Thakeham residents but loaned from WC), Steve Tuhey, Terry Evans
Will, Phil, Peter Bullock and Steve all continued to play post merger
Pavilion Prior to Extension 2002
View of Pavilion before the Extension 2002
Family Day 2002
Family Day 2002
Family Day 2002 - Players
Family Day 2002 - The Players
Pavilion Presentation 2003
Pavilion Extension Presentation 2003 
Cricket Week 2005 - Steve Fosters XI
Cricket Week 2005 - Steve Foster's Celebrity XI
308-3 v Holmbury 2006
Sunday Record Breakers on 16th July 2006
in Surrey -
308-3 at Holmbury St Mary
Nets - new lads
Key new players for us in 2009 - the Pullings & our first overseas players.
Nets - Just Murray
2009: Murray Goodwin opened our new nets
Nets - The Coaches
2009 Colts coaches in front of our new nets
M.Fitzgerald, M.Glover, B & I Jeffries, N.Miller, P.Ackland, A.Reeves, Bill Hay
The one and only P.Jones, M.Aylward, Murray Goodwin, R.Emms
 Presidents XI that faced the Midweek XI at the end of the 2009 Cricket Week
2009 Sunday XI vs Fleet Street Strollers (WCTCC lost by 12 runs)
Sunday XI 2009 vs. Fleet St Strollers (WCTCC lost by 12 runs) 
2009 1st XI
1st XI 2009
Back (L to R) - Ned Brown, Neil Miller, Matt Hennings, Mike Ford, James Chaloner (VC), Matt Goring, James Brown, Steve Hodgson, The Umpire. Front
(L to R) - Mick Armstrong, Scott Pulling, Dave Hardisty, Brian Chambers (C), Ryan Ashley, Craig Pulling. 
2009 Gabe first match one over one maiden
2009 - Gabe's first senior match (1 over, 1 maiden)
2010 Al Reeves and Malcolm Fitz
Al Reeves and Malcolm Fitzgerald 2010